It’s All in the Details

It’s All in the Details: Demystifying the Rolling Mill, Creating Cold Connections and Designing Ear Wires that Enhance Your Work

 This workshop explores several different techniques that will help you discover your unique voice in your jewelry designs.

First you’ll see ways in which a rolling mill can be used to create an array of customized textures.  We’ll start by learning how to impress handmade designs into brass, bronze, copper or silver using a rolling mill.  We’ll discuss the differences among these metals, how to anneal each one, the best applications of each and which patinas to use for maximum highlight and contrast

 Next we’ll explore the world of cold connections and see how metals can be further enhanced and combined without the need of a torch or a kiln!  We’ll cut simple shapes from our textured metal and embellish them with stamps and punches.  We’ll learn ways to combine them using rivets, tabs and various cold connections.

 Lastly, we’ll focus on the impact of ear wires on earring design.  You’ll gain the confidence to discard conventional, commercial ear wires in favor of what you invent; ear wires that embrace your aesthetic sense and become a compelling design element rather than an afterthought. 

 You’ll learn the basics, such as how to choose the appropriate gauge of wire, how to integrate the element with the ear wire, and how to meet practical standards such as how to harden wire, how to make a “locking wire”, and whether hammering, tumbling or polishing best achieves the final look you’re after.

 Our goal in this class will be to make you more aware of what your designs need to truly excel; to explore what will give them that je ne sais quoi; the details that advance your designs so they stand out as uniquely you.

Although the possibilities are truly endless, class time is finite so we will explore as many variations on these themes as time allows.