Little Delights: Book Lockets and Hinged Book Charms in PMC

September 15 - 18, 2017

4 Day Class

This class is open to all levels of experience

In this workshop you’ll learn the latest techniques developed by Celie for making hinged book charms in OneFire PMC (PMC 960 Sterling).  Its longer open working time, and its strength after firing makes it perfect for this endeavor. 

You’ll start by etching on polymer (tear away technique) to make your own texturing tools for metal clay.   

Although all hinges require some degree of precision, these book hinges allow for a more relaxed approach to the engineering problems involved in a hinge. The hinge is large, relative to the size of the book, making the whole process easier.

The idea behind this class is that you’ll make a series of small books, each expressing a different theme, character or subject, using metal clay and also other materials.

Each book charms will express a different idea:

A book with a window, or two windows, featuring paper, or polymer, mica, flame or patina-ed copper.

Another book, made like a box, with a hinge and a catch, whose inside holds a treasure or memento.

Another with a spiral binding, another that binds paper, like a book. You’ll devise catches and closures and develop hinge pins that both secure and decorate your book.

You’ll learn techniques for designing book charms; 2-sided texturing, sizing/shrinkage, making and attaching textured hinges, riveting, incorporating other materials, catches, closures, and decorative hinge pins.

The class will also include a overview of the many other ways to fashion hinges in PMC:  Rolled and drilled handmade tube, extruded, fine silver tube and wire coil hinges, miniature hinges and catches, hinges on unusual shapes, wire and ball hinges, and various bracelet hinges.  (We’ll concentrate on textured hinges, unique to PMC, and perfect for these little books.)

Although the possibilities are truly endless, class time is finite so we will explore as many variations on this theme as time allows.  These treasures can ornament bracelets, be made into pendants, or just little objects of awe.

Firing will be thoroughly demonstrated.

For more thoughts on and pictures of this process, please read my blog:

The class cost is $495.

The Material Fee is  $115.

The material fee includes supplies and consumables, Argentium, sterling, fine silver, brass wire, several packages of polymer clay, Teflon, copies (for tear away), small tools for making hinges, Celie's demo materials (PMC, polymer, precious metals), finishing materials, sand papers, studio rent and prep, administrative costs, and handouts.  Also included are many tools and supplies for you to use including a glass work surface, glass palettes, and a desk lamp.

I suggest you budget at least 2-3 packs (but the amount of clay you use is up to you) of OneFire Sterling PMC (or the metal clay of your choice) 25 gram packs.

Basic supplies will be available to purchase individually during the class. 

A list of local lodging choices will be sent upon registration.

A supply list will be sent in the beginning of August

The class will be capped at 9 people.

TO REGISTER:  E-mail me first to make sure there is a spot in the class. (If you've already emailed me, your spot is secure.) Then send a check for $610 by July 1st.  After August 1st this is non-refundable, unless a replacement can be found, in which case your refund would be the tuition minus a $50 registration fee. Please e-mail me if you would like to split the tuition into two payments.